What's in store for you and your class?

Among the children interested in participating and whose parental consent has been obtained, eight students per class will be randomly selected to participate in the project.

Following this, a day will be scheduled with you for us to come to the school and conduct various questionnaires, performance tests, and a so-called clinical interview with the selected children.

The students will be asked to fill out age-appropriate questionnaires about their feelings and behaviors. To assess the learning progress of the students in question, they will also complete tasks related to reading, spelling, and mathematics. The total time for these activities will be approximately one school hour. Furthermore, a separate room will be used to conduct a roughly half-hour interview with the students.

Afterwards, you will be asked to fill out digital questionnaires related to the symptoms of psychological behavioral issues of these eight students. This includes an assessment of the feelings and behaviors of these children. Answering all questionnaires will take a maximum of hours.

If you are also interested in participating in the follow-up study and the associated training program, this training will require an additional 10 hours, spread over several weeks. The training includes both in-person and online-supported modules.