What is coming up for you?

We want to conduct three different research tasks together with you, and we will come to your school for these activities:

Your first research task involves answering questions about your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors on a tablet. Your parents and your class teacher will also answer questions about your behavior.

For your second research task, you'll work on reading, writing, and math tasks to find out what you already know. Don't worry, these tasks won't be graded. However, if you want to know how well you did, we will email the results to you and your parents a few weeks after the assessment. You can decide whether you want to show the results to your teacher or not.

Now, for the third research task: To get to know you better and understand where you might face difficulties, we would like to conduct an interview with you. Various areas will be discussed to understand your feelings and thoughts. To evaluate your answers calmly after the interview, we would like to make an audio recording during the interview. We will ask for your separate consent for this. If you and your parents don't want this, you can still participate in the study. Unlike interviews you might have seen on television or in newspapers, with us, we typically don't show your answers to anyone.

Only in special cases, namely if you might not feel emotionally well, we would arrange a personal conversation with you and your parents to discuss what can help you.

If you feel too tired during the assessment to continue, feel free to take a short break. You can ask questions at any time; researchers are always curious and want to understand everything. If something is bothering you, there's always someone around who knows how to help. Participating in our research is voluntary - so if at any point you don't want to continue with our study, you can stop anytime. You don't even have to tell us why you want to stop.