What would you and your child face if you participated?

To participate in our project, you will be asked online for your child's consent to participate in the test. Following this, we will request you to fill out a questionnaire. This can be completed digitally at a time convenient for you and takes approximately 20 minutes. Your assessment of your child's behavior, alongside your child's and the teacher's assessments, is crucial to gaining a comprehensive understanding of your child's strengths and possible challenges. It also enhances the accuracy of identifying internalizing symptoms. If more than eight children in your child's class express interest in participating in the project, eight children will be randomly selected to participate in the school.

Your child will be asked to fill out a child-friendly questionnaire about their feelings and behaviors. Additionally, your child will participate in a test assessing their reading, writing, and arithmetic abilities to evaluate their academic progress.

Following this, we would like to conduct a so-called clinical interview with your child about various mental symptoms. During this interview, we will inquire about specific internalizing symptoms and ask your child to indicate the extent to which these symptoms apply to them. The testing process for your child will take a maximum of 3 school hours and will occur during school hours, within the school premises. If you wish, you are welcome to be present during your child's interview.

Upon request, we will be glad to share the results of your child's tests in reading, writing, and arithmetic via email in a password-protected document. If the clinical interview and questionnaires indicate the presence of a mental behavioral issue, the results will be communicated to you, and you will be informed about suitable support options.