How can you participate?

You and your child can participate in our project if you are the legal parents or guardians of a child in the 5th, 6th or 7th grade and your school is involved in our project.

To gain essential insights from our study, we are not only examining children with mental symptoms but also those without symptoms. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate your participation in our project even if your child does not exhibit internalizing symptoms.

If your child's school is already participating in the project, you will receive a flyer and a letter with further information about participation soon.

If our study has piqued your interest and your child's school is not yet part of the "InSel" project, please feel free to contact us at SW5TZWxAcHN5Y2hvbC51bmktZ2llc3Nlbi5kZQ== or SW5TZWxAZGlwZi5kZQ==. You can also reach us by phone at: +49 (0)69 24708-583 or +49 (0)641 99-26174.